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Vocal Instructor of Girls’ Generation, SHINee, and Wheesung seems On “King of Mask Singer”

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Vocal Trainer of Girls’ Generation, SHINee, and Wheesung Appears On “King of Mask Singer” Jung Bong Jin, a vocal trainer of 17 years, was once printed to in the back of the tiger mask at the display “King of Mask Singer.” he's the vocal trainer of many popular artists, adding SHINee, Girls’ Generation, and Wheesung.

On the October four broadcast of the MBC kind prove “King of Mask Singer,” new contestants showed off their making a song abilities as they competed for the risk to turn out to be the 14th masked king.

On the 3rd round, the contestants “Tiger” and “Taekwon V” butted heads as they showed off their particular person charms and skills on stage. “Taekwon V” won the circular via 11 votes and “Tiger” had to take off his mask. He revealed himself to be Jung Bong Jin, a vocal trainer.

The show “King of Mask Singer” is survival program that has 8 stars compete opposed to each and every other with their singing talents. Each megastar hides their identity by dressed in a totally unique mask, permitting the audience and judges to center of attention only on their voices.

BtoB’s Chang Sub and Jewelry’s Park Jung Ah also participated in this episode of “King of Mask Singer.”

JACE responds to criticisms about her new unmarried 'Not Enough'

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JACE responds to criticisms about her new unmarried 'Not Enough'

We"re still waiting on JACE"s new MV, yet a minimum of her virtual unmarried "Not Enough" featuring fellow "Unpretty Rapstar" rapper Kisum has been released to the public!

It"s a tight song with a sturdy beat, described as "a diss song against inconsiderate girls who use their looks to regard men as money ATMs". And true to the description, the refrain chants about how some materialistic girls "have those kind of bags, have a closet stuffed with clothes, has this wonderful man, yet it"s not enough".

Other portions of the lyrics say, "Above your glossy shoes is your glossy [credit] card receipt / it"s obvious, your upper nose bridge / dating to you isn't a assembly yet a change trade" as smartly as, "The bag and shoes you wear are all dear / Your outdoor appearance is genuine yet you're all pretend inside"

She also referred to those women as "kimchi b*tches".

Although it sort of feels transparent what her lyrics are getting at, choosy netizens aren"t ones to let anything else slide! Some netizens have long past directly to indicate the "hypocrisy" of her lyrics as JACE flaunts her dressmaker bags and shoes on her SNS accounts. 

Critical comments included, "I can"t tell if your song is set pointing out inconsiderate girls or a self-diss," "She"s just looking to acquire pastime with a provocative topic."

Some have even long past on to mention that her song additional propagates misogynistic views, and raised problems with the term "kimchi b*tches". Some say that term makes it sound as though she"s directing this song against all Korean women, instead of only one category of women, because kimchi is a well known national dish of Korea.

In reaction to the criticisms, JACE acknowledged all over an interview, "To call the song misogynistic is a distorted interpretation," and that "it"s a song this is a self-reminder that I shouldn"t be somebody like that." 

She also added, "I had a good time running with Kisum on the main points of the lyrics. I think this song carries the most powerful message among the entire songs I"ve done up till now. So I"m chuffed with it. I hope that you"ll focal point at the wit of the lyrics."

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Tiffany Shows Off Her Korean skills on “Channel Girls’ Generation”

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Tiffany Displays Off Her Korean Skills on “Channel Girls’ Generation” On the August 11 episode of “Channel Girls’ Generation,” the contributors of Girls’ Generation had a verbal exchange on Tiffany‘s Korean abilities.

Tiffany acknowledged of her Korean, “I think I’m about complicated intermediate.” The contributors of Girls’ Generation also agreed, saying, “Tiffany’s Korean improved such a lot that she will also write lyrics in Korean.”

Following this conversation, it become once made up our minds that there could be a quiz on Tiffany’s Korean abilities. One of the crucial words to which Tiffany had to wager the which approach become once “nongbeongi,” this approach that an excessively busy time for farmers (“nong” approach agriculture, “beon” approach busy, and “gi” approach time.) Tiffany guessed the proper meaning, even supposing she substituted the which approach for “beon” with “lightning quick.”

Although her reasoning wasn’t entirely correct, she become once lucky!

Sunye and SoheeBeef up WonderGirls at “Music Core”; Sunye TakesFootage withGreat Junior

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Sunye and SoheebSupport /bWonderb women /bat “Music Core”; Sunye TakesbPhotos /bwithbLarge /bJunior Formerindividuals of Wonder Girls Sunye and Sohee have showed theirendured love and support for their team byshedding by “Music Coreto look them carry out their comeback stage!

Prior to Wonder Girls’ comeback previous this month, JYP Entertainment announced that Sunye and Sohee had officially withdrawn from the band. Sunyeis expounded to be focusing more on her family, whilst Soheemight be working on other projects. Nevertheless, either the former membershad been incredibly supportive of the groupall through their comeback. Member Yeeun recently stated on “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook” that Sunye had even come to the music video filming for “I Feel You” with her daughter.

On August 8, Super Junior‘s Donghae posted a shot of himself, fellow member Kangin, and Sunye and her daughter behind the curtain at “Music Core.” He writes as the caption, “Sunye, whowas once so a laugh when we were doing activities in combination and is so kind, and herstunning daughter. ^^You'll need be healthy and happyat some point too ^^”

Super Junior’s Leeteuk also uploaded a photo of himself with Sunye and her daughter, in addition members Donghae, Kangin, Heechul, and Eunhyuk. He writes, “.. So goodto look your face!^^ I hopethat you're going to livefortuitously and that yourtoddler will grow up healthy!!!!.. Fighting, Wonder Girls!!!.. Fighting,Large Junior!!..”

Soheewas once also spotted at “Music Core” and a few photos of her status in line to get some foodhad been circulating online. Yeeun showed that thiswas once indeed Soheevia posting one of them on her Instagram with the caption, “They’rein reality long, right? ㅋㅋ Sohee who’s purchasing ice cream

Hopefully we stay seeing more updates about Sohee and Sunye in the future!

Girls' Generation's Taeyeon responds to negative comments on Instagram

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Girls' Generation's Taeyeon responds to negative comments on Instagram

Girls" Generation"s Taeyeonanswered to negative comments on her Instagram on August 8.

Taeyeon had read comments from haters that said, "What"s soexcellent about Taeyeon," and "Trash," and it kind of feels she felt forced to respond. She posted, "I"dfind it irresistible if you chorus fromannouncing those types of things here.I feel as if it"ll hurtthe emotions of thethose who leave comments that they feelexcellent about."

This comes as a wonder as Taeyeon hadup to now made it transparent that shealong side SM Entertainment plan to take criminal action against the ones who leave malicious comments. 

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Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Responds to Haters on Instagram

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Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Responds to Haters on Instagram Despite warnings ofprison action and enthusiasts collecting evidence, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeonremains to be attacked with vicious comments online.

On August 8, more than a few hurtful comments like “What is there to love about Kim Taeyeon?” and “Trash” were left on her Instagram post.

Proving to be mature and thoughtful, the singer responded, “Please chorus from leaving comments that the ones here.I think commenters who leave sure remarks will see them and get hurt. I ask you of thiswant ^^.”

Her remark has been commended for being tactful and kindly company at the similar time. The addition of smiling “eyes” contributes to her message being more sure as well.

What do you take into consideration her reaction and the malicious comments she continues to receive?

Sunye and Sohee Make wonder Appearance in Wonder girls′ Album

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Sunye and Sohee Make wonder Appearance in Wonder girls′ Album

--> Wonder women′ 3rd album Reboot has been unencumberd offline as the virtual unencumber continues to reign on online song charts.

The CD edition of Reboot, unencumberd on August four, encompasses an advantage 13th track. The 13th track is a marvel recording for the lovers featuring Ye Eun, Yubin, Sunmi, Hye Rim, Sunye and Sohee speaking about day after day things, and it′s most effective to be had in the CD edition.

in addition to the lead unmarried i believe You, the album entails a general of 12 tracks with songs composed and written by means of the contributors themselves, adding baby means of Don′t Play, Candle, Rewind, enjoyed, John Doe, One Black evening, Back, Oppa, When Love Tries to Leave, gone and This Moment, that duvet quite a lot of ′80s sub-genres like ′unfastened taste,′ ′ unfashionable pop,′ ′ unfashionable dance′ and ′slow jam.′ The CD edition encompasses a different bonus track titled 20150711 (talk).

meanwhile, Wonder women will make its song program comeback with i believe You on KBS′ Music Bank on July 7, prior to functioning on MBC′s Music Core on August 8 and SBS′ Inkigayo on August nine.

Photo credits: JYP Entertainment

Wonder girls talk about Relationships amongst old individuals Sunye and Sohee

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Wonder girls talk About Relationships with old participants Sunye And Sohee At the displaycase for the unencumber in their 3rd complete- duration Album “REBOOT,” the Wonder girls shared About their dating with former members Sunye And Sohee, who handiest currently Announced their legit withdrawal from the crowd.

“We eve talked with Sunye And Sohee lately, ” Yeeun Acknowledged. “ just A little Ago, they texted pronouncing that they're more frightened [than nosotros Are] And Are part excited, part scared. They Acknowledged that they’ll exist having A look on And hence don’t become frightened.”

Yeeun persevered, “The members [Sunye And Sohee] Also take visited the studio. We Are at All times contacting every other.”

meanwhile, Wonder girls dropped the song video for “i feel you,” the name track of “REBOOT,” on August three. They Are launching into song display promotions on August six, maintaining their inaugural comeback degree on “M!Countdown.”

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Wonder girls speak around keeping in contact alongside Dominicus and Sohee

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Wonder girls speak around keeping in contact alongside Dominicus and Sohee

right through the show off for Wonder women" 3rdAlbum, "Reboot," on July three, the girls mentioned their old individuals, SundayAnd Sohee, who latestly made their deviations professional.

Yenny stated, "SunAnd Sohee leveltide contacted U.S.A. nowadays.  a bit of whilstAgo, they texted meAnnouncing that they nosotrosre moreAnxious . . . They told U.S.A. that they nosotrosre observing over U.S.A.And then now no longer to existAnxious.  They"veAgreed to come encounterkAdvice from the broadcasting station.  We"re atAll times involved alongside oneAnd thenme other."

After Sunday"s marriageAnd Sohee"s deviation from the firm, the crowd existcame once taken over via disbandment rumors.  Yubin stated, "referring to disbandment rumors, the ones nosotrosre in reports or other folks mentioned information technology, yet nosotros nosotrosre notAble to feel information technology since the 4 of U.S.A. lived in combinationAnd SundayAnd Sohee atAll times contacted U.S.A..  We never idea roughly information technology seriously, either."

So perhaps y'all"ll encounterAll individuals, oldAnd present, of Wonder women via way of declaresAnd thenon!

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JYP reveals Wonder girls individuals Discussed Sunye and Sohee′s Withdrawal together

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JYP reveals Wonder girls individuals Discussed Sunye and Sohee′s Withdrawal together

--> Wonder ladies′ Sunye and Sohee made the verdict to withdraw from the gang after discussions with the alternative individuals.

JYP Entertainment announced Sunye and Sohee′s reputable withdrawal from the gang on July 20. Sunye determined to concentrate on her circle of relatives upon getting married in 2013, and Sohee determined to set out at the street to changing into an actress.

How did they make the verdict? A rep from JYP Entertainment mentioned, "The individuals met and after speaking, made the verdict."

The rep persevered, "They′ve spent such a lot time together, they know every one and every other′s mind simply by means of taking a look at every one and every other. The individuals met at their own and mentioned chickening out and team activities earlier than making the verdict to withdraw. The individuals reputable and approved every one and every other′s reviews and ended on a just right note."

"Sunye and Sohee, in addition Yeeun, Sunmi, Yubin and Hyelim blended their reviews," added the rep. "There aren't any issues in the gang. They continue to proportion a deep friendship."

meanwhile, Wonder ladies will go back sans Sunye and Sohee and the addition of former member Sunmi, as a 4-member staff, in October.